Death dealers
Thinking about apply for a boss but Nico seems to be the only one with love interests..
- Anonymous

Apply for a boss. Nico’s just a whore. Come put him in his place. 

Mikela Antakov || Crime Boss

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is Nico going to be reopened?
- Anonymous

No. Nico is never going to be reopened. 

For Hit Men/Assassins

Your character meets someone on their ‘target list’ on an online dating site. Your character writes an e-mail to the person, describing him/herself. Write the e-mail. This e-mail contains two lies. What are they? Why did the character tell them? Also, fill out a character profile. The character arranges an in-person meeting with the target he/she has met online. What happens at the meeting? Does your character get the job done or do they fall for the other person after all? What would be the consequences. 

For those who are not death dealers: (drug lords/dealers/civilians)

Years later, your character’s first love shows up on his or her doorstep again. Both your character and his/her first love are surprised at how the other person has changed  This encounter causes a disruption in your character’s life. How has your character changed? How has their first love changed? In what way has your character’s life been altered by their meeting? 

Kenji Yoshida ✘Crime Boss

Age➜ 29
Favorite Weapon➜ Type 96, Glock 17
Affiliation➜ Yakuza
Availability➜ Open 

A little something about Kenji...

Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, Kenji came to the states when he was sixteen years old for a student exchange program assignment with school. He was studious and dedicated to his education, always trying to please his parents and make them proud. Unfortunately, fate had a different idea for Kenji. America offered him a way of life Japan hadn’t before (because he didn’t know where to look).

On his way home from school, Kenji passed a woman being mugged in a New York alley way, and the good person he was, stopped to help. The attackers moved along, obviously docile enough that they didn’t want to start a bigger conflict. The woman was shaken, grateful and shaken and accepted Kenji’s offer to help her home. That’s when he met Ting, the woman’s boyfriend and leader of his group of Yakuza members. Kenji was taken under his wing instantly.

He dropped out of school, refused to go home, moved out of his shared housing and started living off the grid with Ting and the others. He worked his way up the ranks and by the time he was twenty five, Kenji formed his own section of Yakuza members in Manhattan, breaking away from Queens altogether. He’s not to be fucked with, but inside, deep inside is still that respectful young man who has morals, goals and values. He’s just also capable of carving up someone’s face if need be.  

More about his personality...
  • Kenji is sweet and smart, so very smart but doesn’t let that stop him from being a cold hearted bastard when he needs to be. 
  • English is his second language but to speak to him, you’d never know. Kenji’s English is impeccable and there’s almost no trace of an accent, though he speaks (very quickly) Edo Japanese.  
  • He’s a good man, a good boss and a better friend. To cross him is to cross a powerful enemy and to be loyal, you’ll have a friend in your corner always.  
Everyone has connections...
  • Ting Yao- Former boss, good friend
  • Nico MacAleese- Former Contact
  • Mikela Antakov- Former Contact
  • John Gotti III- Enemy
  • Josh Schwartz- Contact
  • Sean McCreary- Contact

Joshua Schwartz ✘Crime Boss

Age➜ 32
Favorite Weapon➜ Springfield XD40, Revolver
Affiliation➜ Kisch
Availability➜ Open 

A little something about Josh...

After his Bar Mitzvah, Josh knew he wanted to run an organized crime family. All the money coming in from his aunts and uncles and grandparents, he started getting wiser and wiser to what was happening. To what his family really was. By the time he was fifteen, Josh was being shown ‘the way’. The Import/Export his family did behind closed doors. It was nothing at first. Nothing illegal they were bringing in and shipping out. Just the activity alone was illegal. When he proved to be trustworthy though, that’s when his father and grandfather showed him the real deal.

One hundred percent, pure Colombian Cocaine.

Josh’s family was, at the time, the number one seller of the good stuff. But with times changing and the game changing, the Kisch family started losing buyers, Josh’s grandfather was assassinated by an unknown assailant, his father became a mess and hung himself and it was up to the seventeen year old to handle the business himself with no real instructions. He didn’t know what he was doing.

Josh hired on some help, got some new guys thrown in as salts with his older guys, found out both his father and grandfather had been marked men for a long, long time and now he was taking over and was going to do things the right way. The first time around. Make friends, not enemies and make his family proud. The once-was rookie is now experienced enough in the field to hold his ground and his position and order around the guys. He’s making a come back, with a vengeance and as soon as he finds out who marked his family, he’ll deal with them too. For Josh, life is about building and climbing your way out of the nightmare below you and leave it all behind.  

More about his personality...
  • He’s patient and keeps a level head under pressure. It takes quite a lot to ruffle Josh’s feathers. 
  • Josh doesn’t like to talk about the past whatsoever. He is a firm believer in moving forward and bettering yourself and your situation.  
  • Josh doesn’t hold grudges, almost never anyway. He does believe in vengeance and comeuppance but that’s never associated with hate or bitter ties. It has much to do with the ‘move forward’ philosophy he has.  
Everyone has connections...
  • Anthony Kisch- Former boss and grandfather (deceased)
  • Bernard Schwartz- Father (deceased)
  • Nico MacAleese- Former Contact
  • Kenji Yoshida- Contact
  • John Gotti III- Enemy
  • Mikela Antakov- Former Contact
  • Sean McCreary- Contact

Trinity Samuels ✘Drug dealer

Age➜ 21
Favorite Weapon➜ Dagger
Affiliation➜ Non affiliated 

Availability➜ Taken 

A little something about Trinity...

Absolutely nothing. That’s about as much as anyone knows about Trinity Samuels, although, of course, it’s just Trinity to them. The girl appeared seemingly out of nowhere — sleek, sexy, and sophisticated with her poisonous words and overwhelming allure. If New York were a bee hive, Trinity was the queen and everyone fell under her power. Like the queen bee, Trinity had something only she could offer, and that’s what she used to control those around her. The girl was manipulative, sly and enticing; three qualities anyone would need to reign over New York as one of the finest drug lords.

Unlike those she deals to, Trinity prefers to hover between the McCreary’s and the MacAleese’s — to her, they were no different. As long as they had the money to pay for it, Trinity would deal them their fair share. She had no preference, no alliances, and to her knowledge, no enemies. Growing up with four brothers, Trinity knew how to keep the peace. And although she’d left her brothers behind in the small town she’d once called home, Trinity had left with great reason. The tragedies that’d struck there were too much even for this young lion-hearted girl to bear, so it wasn’t a surprise when the youngest of the Samuels packed her bags and fled town.

As opposed to her classy yet seductive appearance, Trinity had the smarts to go along with her looks, although she liked to play dumb. It was simply easier to slip by under the radar when the two rivals didn’t see her as a threat, so unbeknownst to the members of both sides she dealt to, Trinity mixed a lot of her own substances. The girl was a firework, to say the least, always one to add a spark to the dark of the night. Ironic, really, since it was her failed attempt to create Fireworks, her own designer drug, that’d killed her mother and wrenched Trinity away from home to none other than New York city; where the grass ain’t green and the girls aren’t risky. 

More about her personality...
  • She’s as sweet as honey until you provoke her or owe her money. That’s when she’ll make you burn in toxic.
  • Chances are, Trinity’s always thought five steps ahead of the game, never one to not have a plan in every situation.
  • Trinity doesn’t deal to anyone unless she has a full background check on them, or they’re offering a ton of cash. The first time is always free.
Everyone has connections...
  • None at the moment..

Trinity Samuels || Drug Dealer

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