Death dealers

Tommy Black ✘Drug Lord

Age➜ 28
Favorite Weapon➜ Wilson Combat X-TAC 1911
Affiliation➜ MacAleese

Availability➜ Taken 

A little something about Tommy...

Tommy grew up in New York and therefore heard a load of stories about the mafia whilst growing up, half of them he now knew to be a load of shit. Despite this he complied with his parents wishes of at least trying to get an education, which he did; just not in what they were expecting. 

Tommy got into what his parents would call ‘the wrong crowd’ but he saw this as anything but the truth. These seniors (whilst he was only a freshman at the time) took him to all sorts of parties where he drunk far too much alcohol and increasingly became adapt at telling on drug from the other and taking many of them; because of this, by the time he had finished high school years later he thought about all the money he had spent on drugs in the last years and how those dealing the drugs must have been loaded. It was purely by a stroke of luck that he was spotted by a member of the MacAleese’s selling drugs to a man at a steep rate, somehow this must have impressed the family and he was taken under the family’s wing where he climbed the ladder offered by them.  

More about his personality...
  • Tommy is highly committed to the job and to the family, knowing that without these things he’d be one of those druged up skeletons he often deals with.
  •  Despite the job at hand Tommy is often the one to crack a joke to lighten the mood.
  • He can be very curious as to what his limits are. When talking with people he’ll often flirt or make an inappropriate joke to those around him, even those higher up.
  • Tommy is known for holding grudges to people for all sorts of reasons. These grudges are often hard to get rid off.
Everyone has connections...
  • Nico MacAleese- Boss
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