Death dealers

Vada MacAleese ✘Wife

Age➜ 22
Favorite Weapon➜ Butterfly knife
Affiliation➜ MacAleese

Availability➜ Taken 

A little something about Vada...

Formerly Vada Gwendolyn Foster, was born and raised in Los Angeles, California to a show girl for a mother and some drunk biker for a father who took off three months into her mother’s pregnancy. At seventeen, what else is a knocked up homeless girl to do? (Prostitution and stripping were now thrown out of the picture) She became a waitress at a club and after having Vada, a dancer.

Vada grew up in a low income trailer park, step fathers that touched her far too much, lost her virginity (raped) at the age of fourteen to step dad number six and ran away from home after that. The girl didn’t stand a chance at happiness.

Boyfriends came and went, the bad kind. The abusive kind. She found herself in Vegas, became a stripper after a club owner was interested in her (still underage, mind you) and made her money on the pole. Good money. Vada, like a phoenix, rose from the ashes of her former self and got a taste of the good life. The rich life. She didn’t need a man to support her, until he walked in and gave her the money she’d make in a week in one night and he had a kind face to go with it all. Since then, Vada found herself at the wrong end of love yet again, moved to New York City in hopes they could start a life together but it would seem she wasn’t quite what he was looking for after all.

Now Vada gets to try and figure herself out yet again.   

More about her personality...
  • Vada is tough as nails and doesn’t play nice with others. Get on her bad side and she’ll tear you up. 
  •  She’s familiar with ‘this’ kind of a lifestyle having been raised by the neighborhood whore who dated shady men who did shadier business. She turns a blind eye to it all and ignores what she can.
  • Vada is deep down, a tortured soul. 
Everyone has connections...
  • Nico MacAleese- Husband