Death dealers

Nick Ring ✘Assassin

Age➜ 32
Favorite Weapon➜ L129A1
Affiliation➜ McCreary

Availability➜ Taken 

A little something about Nick...

Don’t ask Nick where he’s from. If he tells you, he’ll have to kill you. But rumor has it that his family was part of the Irish mob back when it was strong and union made in the early 1930’s. He has a New York accent so some can guess he’s from the great city itself but assassins and mercenaries aren’t always the most honest of men.

Don’t ask Nick who his boss is, because if he has to tell you, it’s because he’s going to kill you. But by that point, you’ll know who he’s working for. Chances are, you wont just run into a guy like Nick randomly. He’s a skilled professional.

Nick is his own man but has recently been picked up by the McCreary family since work is lacking and house wives are killing their husbands themselves. Prime ministers are dying peacefully in their sleep and politician’s are hiring cannon fodder. So why not take a demotion to hit man, what could it hurt, right?   

More about his personality...
  • He’s quiet and reserved but knows how to have fun when he wants to.  
  •  Nothing surprises Nick, he’s always got an eye or ear out for the unusual.
  • Nick’s an only child, ran away from home at an early age and hasn’t seen nor heard from his family since.  
Everyone has connections...
  • Sean McCreary- Boss
  • Nico MacAleese- Former prison mate
  • Mikel Antakov- Former Boss
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