Death dealers

Trinity Samuels ✘Drug dealer

Age➜ 21
Favorite Weapon➜ Dagger
Affiliation➜ Non affiliated 

Availability➜ Taken 

A little something about Trinity...

Absolutely nothing. That’s about as much as anyone knows about Trinity Samuels, although, of course, it’s just Trinity to them. The girl appeared seemingly out of nowhere — sleek, sexy, and sophisticated with her poisonous words and overwhelming allure. If New York were a bee hive, Trinity was the queen and everyone fell under her power. Like the queen bee, Trinity had something only she could offer, and that’s what she used to control those around her. The girl was manipulative, sly and enticing; three qualities anyone would need to reign over New York as one of the finest drug lords.

Unlike those she deals to, Trinity prefers to hover between the McCreary’s and the MacAleese’s — to her, they were no different. As long as they had the money to pay for it, Trinity would deal them their fair share. She had no preference, no alliances, and to her knowledge, no enemies. Growing up with four brothers, Trinity knew how to keep the peace. And although she’d left her brothers behind in the small town she’d once called home, Trinity had left with great reason. The tragedies that’d struck there were too much even for this young lion-hearted girl to bear, so it wasn’t a surprise when the youngest of the Samuels packed her bags and fled town.

As opposed to her classy yet seductive appearance, Trinity had the smarts to go along with her looks, although she liked to play dumb. It was simply easier to slip by under the radar when the two rivals didn’t see her as a threat, so unbeknownst to the members of both sides she dealt to, Trinity mixed a lot of her own substances. The girl was a firework, to say the least, always one to add a spark to the dark of the night. Ironic, really, since it was her failed attempt to create Fireworks, her own designer drug, that’d killed her mother and wrenched Trinity away from home to none other than New York city; where the grass ain’t green and the girls aren’t risky. 

More about her personality...
  • She’s as sweet as honey until you provoke her or owe her money. That’s when she’ll make you burn in toxic.
  • Chances are, Trinity’s always thought five steps ahead of the game, never one to not have a plan in every situation.
  • Trinity doesn’t deal to anyone unless she has a full background check on them, or they’re offering a ton of cash. The first time is always free.
Everyone has connections...
  • None at the moment..
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